William Taylor

Brawn 1D Awareness 3D
Coordination 4D Intellect 3D
Hardiness 2D Charisma 4D


Ambidextrous (2pts)
The character is equally adept with her right or left hand. She may
perform an action with each hand in the same round, and, though she
takes the multi-action penalty, she receives a +1 per rank to each skill
total. The actions must involve the hands and each action must require
only one hand. If the character performs only one hand-related action
in a round, she does not get the bonus. Some skills that characters could
employ with either hand include brawling, lockpicking, marksmanship,
throwing, lifting, artist, forgery, and the map-making aspect of navigation,
though, of course, not every task covered by each skill is relevant.

Attack Resistance (2) x2 (3pts)
The character is highly resistant to a certain type of attack. She
gains +1D per rank to her damage resistance roll against this type
of attack.
-Extranormal Attack: Resistant to damage from any Extranormal based (such as Magic or Miracles) attack.

Iron Will (2)
The character is highly resistant to all interaction attempts and mental attacks. The character gains a +1D per rank to all willpower rolls and +2 to the default difficulty of any such attempts against this character.

Fast Reactions (3pts)
The character gains +1D per rank to his Acumen when determining initiative, and, up to three times during the adventure, he may receive one additional action for one round.

Authority (R2) (2pts) (Special Investigator For the PD)
Same as Authority (R1), but the character has more influence, possibly
commanding a small number of troops or being in charge of a
small company or town. With Authority: Law Enforcement (R2), the
character is actually a police officer and is allowed to make full arrests
and reasonable search and seizures.

Quick Draw (2pts) Pistols
The character may draw a type of weapon (sword, rifle, blaster, and so forth) immediately, i.e. it does not count as an action during a combat round. Note that this factor only applies to a single weapon type. If you want your character to be able to quick draw a sword and a knife, he must take this factor twice (for a cumulative -4D penalty).

Devotion (-3points) (R3)
At this rank, the character’s belief in the cause motivates almost all
his actions. The character would willingly die for his belief.(Believes The society is the only answer to the monster issue. As in “Any monster with sufficient supervision can co-exist with humanity without issue. Any other attempt to police them would end in the extinction of the human race as we know it.”)

Cheap (less than $20) Very Easy (VE)
Inexpensive (less than $200) Easy (E)
Nominally expensive (hundreds of dollars) Moderate (M)
Somewhat expensive (a few thousand dollars) Difficult (D)
Expensive (several thousand dollars) Very Difficult (VD)
Very Expensive (tens of thousands of dollars) Heroic (H)
Costly (hundreds of thousands of dollars) Legendary (L)

Colt .45 Peacemaker (X2)
Price (Ammo price): E -less than 200$ (VE -less than 20)

Holster © VE (less than 20$)

Winchester 73 lever action (.44-40)
Damage: 6D+1
Long: 120
Price (Ammo price):M -hundreds (E -less than 200$)

Rifle scope © E (less than 200$)
-Malcolm 6X Short Scope

Knife (survival, large kitchen), dagger, bayonet
damage +1D
Price: VE–E


William Taylor

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