Molly Monroe

Brawn 2D Awareness 4D
skill D Survival 4D
skill D Tracking 5D
skill D Search 5D
Coordination 4D Intellect 3D
Marksmanship 5D Traps 4D
Sneak 4D Navigation 4D
Melee 6D Munitions 3D
skill D Occult 3D
Hardiness 2D Charisma 2D
Stamina 2D Animal Handling 4D
Resistance D
Prayer 1D

Age: (R1) (Young) (16) (-1)
Devotion: (R2) (-2): Religiously devout.
Enemy: (R2) (-2): A powerful vampire killed her family and is now hunting her.

Youthful Appearance: (R1): Molly is young and appears younger, causing many to underestimate her.
Iron Will (R2): Molly’s faith and conviction keeps her focused on her duty.
Equipment (R4): Raptor companion. Cecil
Burn-out (R1), may be lost or stolen,
Burn-out (R1), may get up and walk off.
Total: R2
8 Skill points:
Tracking +2D
Armor Defeating Attack: +2D
Natural Melee Attack +2D (claws/feet/mouth)
Enhanced Sense: Smell +2D
Cecil is a feathered Velociraptor that Molly has had since he was an egg. He follows her everywhere and is fiercely loyal to her. He can track and follows commands but is also a very curious animal who sometimes wanders off.

Winchester 73 lever action (.44-40)
Damage: 6D+1
Long: 120
Price (Ammo price):M -hundreds (E -less than 200$)

Rapier: +2D
Price: E

Enchanted Kukri: +6D damages vs Vampire and the demonic
+3D vs all others

Silver Cross
Raptor Snacks
Worn Bible


Molly grew up with a missionary family in Africa. She leaned hunting, tracking, shooting, and swordplay from her parents, other missionaries, and even the tribesmen they taught. As a result she knows several African language as well as how to track predators in prey, though she is untested in a more urban environment.
A few years ago she found an abandoned egg in a nest and took it home. While her mother wanted to cook it, she insisted and caring for it to see what hatched. After several days of caring for it a strange lizard-like creature hatched. Her father searched several wildlife books trying to identify it but didn’t succeed. Molly eventually found a picture of it in a book about prehistoric creatures, something called a “Velociraptor.” Her father disagreed, saying such things didn’t exist. Eventually it grew feathers and grew about the size of a medium sized dog. She named it Cecil after a character from a book she enjoyed reading as a child.
In the last year, the Monroe family moved back to London, which she hadn’t seen since she was a baby.
A few weeks ago Molly was awoken by Cecil chirping in the night, insistent to go outside. She let him out, as sometimes he liked to hunt rodents, but the creatures seemed to insist she go with him. She got dressed and followed him down several blocks, wondering what the small creature wanted. He seemed to be hiding, and any time she would try to return home Cecil would snarl, almost attacking her. So she sat there in a dirty alley in the middle of the night, Cecil by her side.
In the morning she returned home, despite Cecil’s whining. He didn’t want her to go, but seemed less hesitant than the night before.
When she got home she found policemen all over the house, there had been some kind of commotion in the night.
Her parents and brother had been killed, very violently, with their necks torn open.
Molly doesn’t know what killed her family, but it was clearly not human. She took her rifle, rapier, and some clothes and other items and left her home, determined to learn what had happened.

Molly Monroe

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