He was a great man.  What I was taught and what you were taught are two very different things.  That's how great he was.  You know his legacy as "Divorced beheaded died.  Divorced beheaded survived."  That's what he wanted you to know.  But to the rest of us it was, "Freed, redeemed, died.  Reborn, smuggled, revived."

Why do I say this?  The wives of Henry VIII were not human.  Well, not at the end anyway.  He saved them as best he could, helping them to escape the hunters from the Catholic church.  Purges sent by the pope to eradicate the last of us, "monsters."  But Henry, God rest his soul, saved us.  From the Fairy Queens, to the brownies, to the ogres like me.  

For this service, we have become the King's Garrison.  Now, with Victoria as queen, we are the Queen's Garrison.  The title she has that only we know of is, The Lady-Keeper of the Night.  We police the truly monstrous monsters and protect the citizens of England around the world.

Not all of us are what you would call monsters.  Some of us are people, scientists, men of letters who have studied the abnormals for centuries.  Some of have used themselves as experiments in order to better understand us.  However, those have sometimes gone horribly wrong.  Frankenstein, Jekyll, Moriarty, Jack.  Their names are known to a handful.

The year is 1881, and the RSSG has been in existence for a little over three hundred years.

Royal Society of Scholarly Grotesqueries

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